Okay, here you are. A couple of things.

First, the file I am providing is the property of me, the author, and may not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever or by any commercial enterprize!!  Don't take it you lucre crazed swine!!

Second, if you download this file, please be polite enough to send a note to me (the mail form on the front page will allow you to do this quickly and easily) telling what you are looking for/interested in.  Also, if you have any material that you think I might need or be interested in, please send it along.

Third, this file is in a self-extracting zip format.  This means that the download will take 1/4 of the time that it would for the uncompressed file.  It also means that you must execute it to extract the GEDCOM.  Well, now, harking back to your mother's sage advice "don't accept executable files from strange men, no matter how sweet the offer seems," I can only say that this one is okay.  By the way the compressed file size is 264kb. (About a 50 second download with a 56k modem.)

Okay, I want it no matter what!  Download the sucker.  Don't forget to send me the note and information of interest!  The file is protected by a gypsy curse and your follicles will turn to pustules if you don't heed my polite, even obsequious request.

Hey, how am I going to look at it?  Well, following a writeup in Eastman's newsletter, I tried the MudCreek viewer and I must say I was impressed.  Unfortunately, it is no longer (February 2001) a free download, but you can still take a look at the site.  
Here are two others you can look at and try as shareware.  This is the first and this is the second site.

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